To complete acrylic nails Beauty_byloisx use Pure Nails, Halo or Glitterbells products
These products are MMA free for best results 💅

For Biab nails Beauty_byloisx use a mix of Gel Bottle, Glitterbells or Mylee builder gel. These products are proven safe to use on natural nails 💅

For gel polish nails Beauty_byloisx use Halo or Beetles products, both of these products are high quality for the best finish 💅

Beauty_byloisx will not use any products that are not safe on the natural nails!
I only use EMA (Ethyl Methacrylate) products proven to be a safe product to protect you and your nails
All products used within the salon will give you 100% satisfaction. Beauty_byloisx strives to provide the best service possible and experience whilst at the salon 💅